Personal Loan Software

Our Applications help you take the right Lending decisions through integration of solutions & core libraries developed by BridgeLogic Software Pvt. Ltd.

Personal loans, a category of unsecured loans, require robust credit evaluation processes to control the credit losses. Moreover, in view of the customer requirements, financial institutions want to disburse loans in the minimum possible time with requisite credit checks and without any errors.

A personal loan is just another type of loan offered by banks and other financial institutions to a self-employed or salaried person without any collaterals or security. Personal loans are the most common loan product offered by financial institutions. It has become a prestigious way of sorts to borrow loan rather than resorting to requesting help a friend or relative. Most individuals prefer to undergo the tiresome loan process rather than being underestimated or disrespected by the family members or friends. Personal loans are offered at competitive interest rates usually to be repaid over a fixed term at flexible EMIs based on tiers (local of your city, the organization you’re employed at).